In the world of business, keeping records of your expenses is one of the most crucial elements to handling your finances. As someone who works in the construction industry or anything likewise, you are probably shopping at The Home Depot® again and again. Tracking your Home Depot purchases is almost always a necessity, but managing to keep organized the dozens and dozens of paper receipts can become seemingly impossible as more time passes.

There are quite a few simple solutions to this issue! Getting copies of past receipts or tracking recent and future purchases can become very easy once you start using the right methods.

  • For online orders, you should receive an order confirmation email pretty soon after placing the order. This email acts as your receipt. If you cannot find an order confirmation email or no longer have it, call Home Depot’s customer service reps to get your receipt emailed to you again.
  • For in-store purchases (including Buy-Online, Pickup-In-Store), you should create a customer account with Home Depot. Once you create an account and link your card to it, purchase information will be uploaded into your account any time you make a purchase with that card. You can also link a phone number to your account and input that at the checkout. Additionally, you can choose at the terminal to have the receipt emailed to you. If you create a new customer account and link your card, the past purchases made with your card should appear in your account.

Whether you purchase in-store or online, if you have a Pro Xtra account, your Home Depot purchases should appear in your portal. If you do not have a Pro Xtra account yet, click here to sign up. To view your purchases, follow these simple steps:

  • Log in to your portal
  • Select the Purchase Tracking tab on the left menu
  • Filter through your purchases to find your receipt
  • Click on View Details

Recent purchases job, materials at Home Depot Pro Xtra

The smartest way to optimize your workflow and increase your company’s efficiency is by using Home Depot Pro Xtra, The Home Depot’s loyalty program. You can link a multitude of cards, bank accounts, phone numbers, and emails to your profile, and when you use them for purchases, the purchase data will be automatically uploaded into your account. Receipts in Pro Xtra are saved for up to two years and emailed to your inbox upon making a purchase! If you do not have a Pro Xtra account but are interested in becoming a member, click here to learn how to sign up!

The Home Depot makes purchase tracking easy! You can kiss goodbye those paper receipts scattered across the backseat of your car or stuffed into your glove compartment. Keep track of all of your receipts online, whether it is with an account or just by entering your email at the checkout terminal.