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Your Data Entry

HammerZen imports receipts

for better job costing.

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Automate Your Data Entry

HammerZen imports receipts for better job costing.

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HammerZen extracts the important information from your purchase data and seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks to simplify how you work.

HammerZen extracts the important information from your purchase data and seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks to simplify how you work.

THE HOME DEPOT is a registered trademark of Home Depot Product Authority, LLC. The Home Depot does not sponsor or endorse this product and is not in any way affiliated with HammerZen, Inc.

Intelligent Process Built to Automate Data Entry

HammerZen’s mission is to help businesses save time and money by keeping track of Home Depot purchases and efficiently importing your purchase data into QuickBooks.

Automate Data Entry

Use the software to record each of the items on your receipts, simplifying your routine and eliminating the chances of any errors.

Gain Insights

Analyze data, evaluate item and job profitability, enhance cash flow, and obtain better judgment for future decisions.

App Integration

Take advantage of integrating two tools you already use and connect seamlessly with QuickBooks already in place.

Desktop vs Online

Compatible to use with QuickBooks Enterprise, Accountant, Premier, Pro, and Online—whichever version of the accounting software is at your fingertips!

Track Purchases

Capture the most important details of your Home Depot purchases by recording as a bill, a check, or a credit card charge.

Affordable Solutions

Easy-to-understand, user-friendly app with unlimited features included even in the free trial.

Spend 10 Minutes to Save 10 Hours

I got it woohoo! Took me about an hour, what used to take me all week and sometimes more to do. Life is good. I just finished my first upload. This program has by far been my favorite; I wish I would have found this a month ago when I began my searches. The program is so user-friendly, Thanks so much, LOVE this program.

Tara Hodges, On Call Electric LLC

Favorite Feature: Customer Lifetime Value

Because of Import Home Depot Charges into QuickBooks and the detail range importing features, I finally have amazing reporting around real estate deals my investors are closing. I love that they are added new features too. Import Home Depot Charges into QuickBooks is simply the best. (Oh yeah, per unit price is PRICELESS!).

Mark Linderman

Favorite Feature: Splitting Quantity

“First of all, let me say how HammerZen has made my life way easier. If I had to choose, I’d say that my favorite feature is the mapping integration. Being able to save all the selection and do everything out of QuickBooks makes it all so much simpler. Plus, being able to import the Home Depot data and review various reports for cost segregation which saved us $2,500 on taxes on one commercial rental property. This tool is a lifesaver!"

Christina Appiano

Where Home Depot stops HammerZen takes over!

Home Depot - Purchase Tracking

  • Organize and track up to 2 years of purchases by job, location, PO

  • Export records to Microsoft Excel or CSV

  • Emails and saves receipts for 2 years

  • Sign into your Pro Xtra account and click ‘Purchase Tracking’ to get started

HammerZen -Bookkeeping and Job Costing

  • Create rules and map customers, materials, class

  • Import into QuickBooks Desktop and Online

  • Simplify job costing and financials

  • Sign into your HammerZen account and click ‘Import Receipts’ to get started

What HammerZen Can Do For You


Use HammerZen to create accurate ‘actual vs. estimates’ and become more competitive without even needing to hire your own bookkeeper.


Automate tedious tasks, such as importing each material, job, class, and more.


Just pay an extremely low monthly fee for access to a wide variety of features and free support!

Do you shop at The Home Depot?

Our app is not limited to the following industries:

  • Contractors

  • Developers

  • Real Estate Investors

  • Accountant and Bookkeepers

Are you using QuickBooks?

The HammerZen app is for you if you are:

  • Entering purchases manually

  • Billing customers for materials

  • Importing an IIF file

  • Using an import software

You Can Save $6,960 or More Every Year

Your bookkeeper cost roughly $4,800 each year

If a bookkeeper's overhead cost is $30/hour and it takes 5 hours a week to complete the work, then...

  • Your weekly cost is $150

  • Your monthly cost is $600

  • Your yearly cost is $7,200

Plus mistakes do happen.

Your HammerZen cost would only be $240 each year!

If you pay $20/month, you can and will increase your profits by:

  • Reducing your overhead cost by $6,960 each year

  • Importing the materials automatically

  • Eliminating errors and duplication

Why wait? Give HammerZen a try!

HammerZen Integrates Seamlessly with

HammerZen syncs with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop, all versions of the accounting software you have available! As a QuickBooks add-on, HammerZen enables you to review your job costing with perfect accuracy.

  • Brings your list of accounts, items, vendors, customers, jobs, and classes from QuickBooks to HammerZen with just one click
  • Imports transaction data to your QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Accountant, and Online automatically
  • Increases job and item profitability
  • Intuit Approved app for Desktop and Online
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