HammerZen Process to import Home Depot into QuickBooks

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HammerZen extracts the important information from your purchase data and seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks to simplify how you work.

Speed Up The Process

For accountants, nothing is worse than having to waste time by manually inputting charges by job, items, classes and mark them billable. We all know how easy it is to make a mistake, especially when you need to complete the same process over and over again. HammerZen ultimately diminishes these potential errors and their possible consequences, drastically reducing manual data entry process.

Go Paperless

No more piling receipts, and no more requesting that clients upload the receipts. HammerZen helps you cut down on paper, delete unnecessary files, and gives you the ability to work with accurate digital information. Members of The Home Depot® Pro Xtra® can now automatically get The Home Depot® to email you the receipt, and best of all, they keep the receipts for 24 months for easy 24/7 online access through a secure portal.

User Friendly

User-friendly and easily accessible, the practical app gives you the ability to import data, manage expenses, and enter new items and inventory all in one place. For example, you can send bills, checks, or credit cards from HammerZen right into QuickBooks. Read “7 Reasons Why” to truly discover why accountants choose to work with HammerZen.

Increase Billable

While HammerZen app does the job for you, take advantage of the ability to free your time and potential to increase productivity. Time saved helps you take on more clients, increase billable hours resulting in growing profitability.

Error Free Data

Errors in the manual input and loss of data is a common occurrence in busy professional environments especially when detailed to items, amount related jobs, class and more. HammerZen app imports The Home Depot® purchases automate data entry eliminating all errors, double entries, mistakes, and loss of data.

Organize Jobs

Using HammerZen practically removes the possibility of having multiple jobs with the same exact name. You can link project names more easily and keep track of the data associated with each job. All you need to do is the enter the name of the project and the app does the rest for you.

Seamless Integration

HammerZen integrates with accounting software QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Accountant versions at your fingertips. As a QuickBooks add-on, it enables you to review your job costing with perfect accuracy.

You Can Increase Profits by $10,560 or More Every Year

Your cost for using other software $10,800 each year

If a bookkeeper overhead cost is $45.00 an hour and it takes 5 hours a week to enter:

  • Your weekly cost is $225

  • Your monthly cost is $900

  • Your yearly cost is $10,800

And mistakes do happen …

Your HammerZen cost would be $240 each year

If you paid $20.00 a month, you will increase your revenue by:

  • Increase your profits cost by $10,560 each year

  • Increase your client base

  • Eliminating errors and duplication

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