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QuickBooks Logo and import receipts

Dimitrovi review of HammerZen to import Home Depot receipts to QuickBooksI was having troubles importing my Home Depot transactions into quickbooks and the customer support representative called me and spend long time on the phone guiding me through the process. They also fixed my QuickBooks COA and gave me free tips.

Neena review of HammerZen to import Home Depot receipts to QuickBooksThis is the most time saving App that I could have. It almost saves 2 hours everyday for me and automates the process of entering the Home Depot receipts in real time so I can see the reports the same day. There used to be a delay of up to a month in entering the receipts and would always lose a couple or more every time so a direct loss and inaccurate reports.

John W review of HammerZen to import Home Depot receipts to QuickBooksI started to use this app a few weeks ago, as a Real Estate investor and Home Depot Pro Loyalty program member I find this app incredibly useful and simple to use, it has made my life way easier. The best part is that it’s fully automated. My bookkeeper has reduced her working hours by 70%. Definitely, the best app investment made so far. Highly Recommended.

Nina B review of HammerZen to import Home Depot receipts to QuickBooksWish I knew about this earlier. Now I can focus my time on other things while this app does all the work for me and I don’t have to worry about mistakes and the rest of the trouble that comes along to fix them. Now I’m getting clean data by project. I am a Class A contractor, I purchase most of my supplies at Home Depot and I had to do all this manual entry before. HammerZen has been a life savior. I highly recommend this app. BTW Great support system! Thank you!

Used by QuickBooks’ Best and Brightest

“This app gives our QuickBooks software significantly more power to track the information that’s important to us for the hundreds of customers and jobs we have at our 3 locations. Importing Home Depot purchases enables QuickBooks to do everything we need it to for us.“ – Laura O’Brien

Favorite Feature: Connect our jobs to classes

“Enter new items on the go feature rocks. Our company, L & K Constructions, uses this feature all the time to see which item is purchased for each job and class. This allows us to segment accordingly and send follow up reports on each job. I look forward to adding each material from today onward!“  – Rick Stephens

Favorite Feature: Saving Money

“HammerZen has helped us accomplish several major projects without having to spend thousands of dollars hiring a bookkeeper. We’ve also used it to generate insightful customer and job metrics that allow us to take action and optimize our business.

It’s incredibly simple to use and easily plugs right into our QuickBooks software application. Also, the support has always been extremely fast. We’re so thankful that the guys at HammerZen created such a valuable and helpful product that saves us time and money.” – Mark Rudge

Favorite Feature: Detail by Materials

“HammerZen has definitely earned its place in our organization’s list of ‘apps we can’t live without.’ There were many things that I wanted to do with our QuickBooks software that were simply ‘not possible’ before we added Import Home Depot receipts into QuickBooks. We have eliminated Excel, Google Sheets, Dropbox for sharing documents and learned to estimate in QuickBooks and  reporting options, we’re grateful that we found this add on.“ – Dave Gillies

Favorite Feature: Mark Jobs Billable

“HammerZen is out of the world! I do not have to manipulate data with other software before I import. It is very easy to set up and involves absolutely no programming knowledge. I use it myself and recommend it to my clients.” – Julie Mishelle