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9 Reasons why Contractors Prefer Intuit QuickBooks

Get Professional Results with No Pain! Get Out of the traditional dilemma of using excel sheets and review nonsensical reports! Use Intuit QuickBooks and its easy-to-use features grant you with quick access to instantly enter the money you receive and payout. Intuit QuickBooks is Accounting software available in both Desktop and a Cloud-Based version that help businesses to make [...]

Pricing and Reviews | HammerZen Vs. Other Import QuickBooks Software

Why HammerZen is the solution you’ve been looking for. HammerZen is an Intuit-approved app that helps Home Depot customers import transaction data and lists into QuickBooks with just a few clicks. There are many tools out there that can help you automate the process of importing Home Depot receipts in QuickBooks, which is your accounting, bookkeeping, and overall financial [...]

Discover How Contractors Manage Their Money with QuickBooks

Many business leaders in the construction industry Manage Money with QuickBooks to meet the operational and accounting sides of their companies to succeed. Choosing proper accounting software and apps are crucial to the success of any construction company. Large and small businesses regularly deal with multiple contractors, subcontractors, and employees, and they must implement proper management, procurement, payroll, and [...]

5 Ways to Profit from Real Estate Investing

So you want to invest in real estate? Here are some essential tips. What are your intentions when you invest in real estate? What is the driving force behind your decisions—are you inspired by the many success stories of house flipping? Do you want to boost your profits and reach your financial goals? Regardless of what motivates you to [...]

Where Home Depot Stops HammerZen Takes Over

In the modern era, life revolves around technology. To be more specific, most businesses rely on technology in order to maximize efficiency. Everybody is in such a hurry to get everything done on time that businesses jump at the chance to go paperless. Most companies have started automating a lot of processes, especially when it comes to accounting and [...]

How to use Samsung Pay at Home Depot

There is one main issue with Samsung Pay, but we at HammerZen can help you get around it! All throughout history, technology has been constantly transforming and adapting to the times--and it’s no different now. Methods of payment have transitioned from bartering and trading to cash and card-swiping. Nowadays, society is evolving in order to store everything in one [...]

Why Home Depot Pro Text2Confirm method is the easiest and best way to buy

Home Depot’s Pro Xtra Loyalty Program is already full of convenient features, and the Home Depot has added yet another one: Text2Confirm. What exactly is Text2Confirm, you might ask? Well, let’s say that a construction team is working a job when suddenly they realize that they need more materials. One of the team members or another employee goes to [...]

8 Accounting Hacks to Handle Mess with Business Expense

A large number of accounting businesses just like yours are not equipped with the skills and knowledge to reach real success to track business expense. Small or large, any company can be overwhelming—so workers often forget about the most important detail when it comes to keeping their finances in order. Usually, owners can handle most areas of their companies, [...]

How to use Houzz for Pros to Market Your Business

In the era of technology, everybody wants to be able to work online. The Internet simply makes our lives much easier and less stressful, so businesses often take advantage of websites that can help them run more efficiently. Over the past few years, Houzz has become one of the leading sites for people interested to get home decor ideas [...]