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Locating the correct sales tax percentage for your local Home Depot store is not always as simple as you would think. That is why I gathered all of the information you might need and put it all in one place. Below, we compiled a list of the fifty U.S. states, their accompanying department pages, and a link to the list of stores in that state.

*For some links, you will have to enter a valid zip code to find the sale tax of your county or city.

States Departments Stores
Alabama Alabama Department of Revenue Alabama Stores
Alaska Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, & Economic Development Alaska Stores
Arizona Arizona Department of Revenue Arizona Stores
Arkansas Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration Arkansas Stores
California California Department of Tax and Fee Administration California Stores
Colorado Colorado Department of Revenue Colorado Stores
Connecticut Connecticut Department of Revenue Services Connecticut Stores
Delaware Delaware Division of Revenue Delaware Stores
Florida Florida Department of Revenue Florida Stores
Georgia Georgia Department of Revenue Georgia Stores
Hawaii * Hawaii Stores
Idaho Idaho State Tax Commission Idaho Stores
Illinois Illinois Department of Revenue Illinois Stores
Indiana Indiana Department of Revenue Indiana Stores
Iowa Iowa Department of Revenue Iowa Stores
Kansas Kansas Department of Revenue Kansas Stores
Kentucky Kentucky Department of Revenue Kentucky Stores
Louisiana Louisiana Association of Tax Administrators Louisiana Stores
Maine Maine Department of Administrative & Financial Services Maine Stores
Maryland Comptroller of Maryland Maryland Stores
Massachusetts Commonwealth of Massachusetts Massachusetts Stores
Michigan Michigan Department of Treasury Michigan Stores
Minnesota Minnesota Department of Revenue Minnesota Stores
Mississippi Mississippi Department of Revenue Mississippi Stores
Missouri Missouri Department of Revenue Missouri Stores
Montana * Montana Stores
Nebraska Nebraska Department of Revenue Nebraska Stores
Nevada Nevada Department of Taxation Nevada Stores
New Hampshire * New Hampshire Stores
New Jersey New Jersey Department of the Treasury New Jersey Stores
New Mexico * New Mexico Stores
New York New York Department of Taxation and Finance New York Stores
North Carolina North Caroline Department of Revenue North Carolina Stores
North Dakota North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner North Dakota Stores
Ohio Ohio Department of Taxation Ohio Stores
Oklahoma Oklahoma Tax Commission Oklahoma Stores
Oregon * Oregon Stores
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Department of Revenue Pennsylvania Stores
Rhode Island Rhode Island Division of Taxation Rhode Island Stores
South Carolina South Carolina Department of Revenue South Carolina Stores
South Dakota South Dakota Department of Revenue South Dakota Stores
Tennessee Tennessee Department of Revenue Tennessee Stores
Texas Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Texas Stores
Utah Utah State Tax Commission Utah Stores
Vermont Vermont Department of Taxes Vermont Stores
Virginia Virginia Department of Taxation Virginia Stores
Washington Washington Department of Revenue Washington Stores
West Virginia West Virginia State Tax Department West Virginia Stores
Wisconsin Wisconsin Department of Revenue Wisconsin Stores
Wyoming Wyoming Department of Revenue Wyoming Stores

**The following states have no imposed state or local sales tax:

  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • New Mexico
  • Oregon

***Local sales tax information for some states was unavailable; I hyperlinked the state names to the government websites for your convenience.