Pro Referral, a service provided by The Home Depot® acquired Redbeacon in 2012 and later in 2016, changed the name to Pro Referral. The application was originally created in 2008 in order to give contractors and homeowners a simple and efficient way to find and connect with one another.

If you own or work for a company in the construction industry, then this program is one bandwagon onto which you will want to jump! Homeowners and real estate investors alike can easily connect with professionals like yourself and request the jobs for which they need to hire contractors, through both the website and the mobile app. If you have been looking for a great way to promote your work and business, then this is it!

What is Pro Referral?

When you become a Pro, you create a public profile that any prospective customers can view as they browse for the right man or woman for the job. That in and of itself is more exposure to a larger client base! You propose your mission statement, identify your niche, and specify the categories in which you specialize (You are also able to publish a portfolio of your work!), and people can easily find and contact you to help with any renovation, restoration, or reparation project they need done.

For any contractors or workers in the home improvement industry, this app is a treasure. The features of Pro Referral are essential to reaching a broader customer base and finding profitable jobs:

  • Contact customers with ease: Reach out to potential customers by phone number or through an easy-to-use messaging on the Pro Referral site and app! Answer any inquiries they may have and discuss the details of the jobs you could do.
  • Reach customers near you: Customers who view your profile can see who you are, where you are located, and your specialties. Likewise, you can see who those clients are, where they are located, and what they would like done! View each other’s profiles to see if you are compatible for work.
  • Track your jobs and availability: Keep track of all of the jobs and projects you accept on the Pro Referral app. This way, you can stay organized and double-check your schedule so you do not overlap with any other jobs!
  • Receive leads from Pro Referral: Pro Referral will send you leads for jobs or projects you could do! You actually turn your purchases into leads; you receive two points for every dollar spent, and those points allow you to receive leads!

Why should you join?

“So what?” you might ask. Good question! Once you start using Pro Referral, you are not going to want to stop. The useful features provided by Pro Referral offer a variety of benefits to both the prospects and you, the professional!

  • Use Pro Referral at no charge
    The Pro Referral app is free to use, without any signup or hidden fees. You do not even need to put a credit card on file! All you need to do is apply and, once accepted, use your Home Depot® commercial credit card to purchase your normal supplies from the store. For every dollar, you receive two Pro Referral points, and then you can quickly and simply get leads for jobs! That way, Pro Referral is not money out of your pocket!
  • Use it on the go
    Aside from the website, they also offer a Pro Referral mobile app [link to app?] so you can contact your customers and track your jobs right from your cell phone or other smart-device! Even if you do not have access to a computer, you can still stay up-to-date on job requests, leads, and inquiries, manage general ratings and reviews, and track your overall profile performance.
  • Grow your business
    With your public profile, people can read up about you and the work you do! It is a great way to put yourself and your business out there. Even if you do not win every job you accept, prospective clients still view your profile, mission statement, and important business information, so in that way, you are still putting yourself out there. Who knows? There is even a chance they can come back to you for another project! After monitoring and utilizing your account for a few months, you will definitely notice the positive effects it has on your success!
  • Choose the work you want to do
    When customers enter the job they need done, Pro Preferral recommends nine Pro profiles to them. From there, they can send requests to multiple professionals to complete the project. If you are interested, you can accept the job. However, if you are not interested, you can select the “pass” option and keep moving! With this feature, you can select jobs you want to do and reject jobs that might not be profitable in an instant.
  • Keep what you earn
    Every penny you earn from a project you complete is a penny you keep! Pro Referral does not take any cuts from your profits. The price you charge is the payment you receive!
  • Gain credibility with potential customers
    One of the best benefits of using Pro Referral is the credibility you gain by becoming a certified Pro! Customers know you have to apply to become a Pro, so when you are accepted, that amounts to a great deal of credibility in the eyes of your clients. On top of that, clients can review the projects you complete; those reviews are posted on your public profile. Your ratings and reviews also provide dependability for any potential customers–if you performed well for other jobs, you will more than likely perform well for theirs!

How do you join?

As you can see, there are a great deal of reasons why you should apply to become a Pro. However, all of this probably begs the question… how do you become a Pro? The process is quite simple!

All you need to do is submit an application on the website with a few essential pieces of information, including your company’s name and phone number, your zip code, your name, and your email.


Before you send in your brief application, though, you need to make sure you meet the criteria! There are very few requirements, but they are requirements all the same.

The first set of requirements is the business requirements. To qualify as a Pro, you need to be able to provide proof of general liability for your company. You also may need to have a state license, depending on your state of operation and provided service. Hand-in-hand with the business requirements come the personal requirements. You need to pass a background and identification check, as to be expected. In addition, you need to submit a profile picture for your company’s page.

Next Steps

When you receive leads for Pro Referral and purchase equipment and supplies for the jobs, it can sometimes be a hassle to keep track of all of your receipts. There is another free program called Pro Xtra® that you can use to keep track of your store purchases. The software saves receipts for up to two years! You can also streamline your business with their business tools and receive exclusive offers for members only. Learn how to sign up for Pro Xtra with a helpful guide from HammerZen.

In conjunction with Pro Referral and Pro Xtra, you probably want to use an accounting software to handle all of those painstaking processes. QuickBooks is an Intuit accounting program that you can use to manage your money and track your financial data. To transfer purchases to QuickBooks, you sometimes have to go through a long, drawn-out process of manually entering data–but you can use an app like HammerZen to eliminate that process and upload your data in mere minutes!

The benefits of becoming a referred professional on Pro Referral definitely outweigh the cons–or lack thereof. If you are looking for a final outreach that will boost your business to the top of the industry, then Pro Referral is the app for you! Many companies have experienced success with this service, so you should sign up [link] and give it a shot. Get the exposure and credibility you need and reach an even broader range of prospects when you become a Pro!