While running a business it can be difficult to maintain your finances in the best and most efficient way. Sometimes you want to pay out of pocket, and other times you decide that it would be better to take out a loan. However, managing multiple cards can become stressful, especially when you lose track of who uses which card for what job.

The Home Depot® makes shopping simple for the companies that shop at its locations to stock up on supplies for jobs both big and small. There are three Home Depot® credit cards that may be useful for your business: the Project Loan Card, the Commercial Revolving Charge Card, and the Commercial Account Card. The Project Loan Card is ideal for taking on singular projects such as remodels or additions. Both Commercial cards, marketed specifically for businesses, are more catered towards heftier jobs.

It can be difficult to choose which card is best for your business. Here you can read a list of the differences in features between the Project Loan, Commercial Revolving Charge, and Commercial Account cards.

Pay the way that is smartest for you

Hunching over your computer as you scan the terms of payment for a new credit card can be not only nerve wracking but also quite tiresome. When you can choose how you pay, though, sometimes that stress seems to melt away. With the Project Loan Card, you can make up to 84 fixed monthly payments, and you can make these payments by mail, phone, or online. When you use the Commercial Revolving Charge Card, you can opt to make low monthly payments or pay in full each month, while with the Commercial Account Card, your payment is due in full each month. You can pay off either of your Commercial cards by mail or online. With so many options to choose from, you can select which method is best for you.

Take advantage of the terms of interest
The added interest on any kind of loan can be confusing and sometimes intimidating. However, the terms laid out are quite self-explanatory and straightforward. When you use the Project Loan Card, you make interest-only payments for the first six months after activating your card. With either the Commercial Revolving Charge Card or the Commercial Account Card, you have a 60-day window after activation to make purchases without interest.

Powerfully control who can use your funds
Obviously you only want trusted associates and employees to have access to your funds, and the credit card programs allow you to choose who can use your accounts! You can add a co-applicant to your Project Loan card so that you and your trusted partner can both have access to your account when necessary, or you can just keep the account as your own. With the Commercial Revolving Charge Card, you can issue cards to employees you trust to make purchases on your account. Likewise, with the Commercial Account Card, you can allow authorized users to make purchases with your account and control employee spending, and with each purchase you receive detailed information about the transaction.

Get the best return benefits
One of the best perks of the Commercial Revolving Charge Card and the Commercial Account Card is the return policy. You can make returns within a full year of your purchase–that is four times longer than the normal return policy just for being a Commercial cardholder!

Receive deals and discounts exclusive to cardholders
The Commercial Revolving Charge Card and the Commercial Account Card both offer their own special deal: discounts on fuel. When you become a Commercial cardholder, you are enrolled in the Fuel Rewards savings program; you can start saving money on gas while doing your routine supply shopping!

Become a Pro member with the loyalty program
The Home Depot® Pro Xtra® is loyalty program for businesses and companies that shop from its stores. It offers a wide variety of features, like detailed purchase tracking with automatically uploaded receipts, tools to streamline managing your business, and rewards and offers exclusive to members. When you apply for a Commercial Card, whether it be a Commercial Revolving Charge Card or a Commercial Account Card, you receive automatic membership to the loyalty program. When you use the Project Loan Card, you do not receive automatic membership; however, you can still sign up and reap the benefits. Learn more about the loyalty program to truly understands its benefits.

Each card has its own uses and perks, so take a close look at all of the individual features to decide which card is the best for you. The table below briefly summarizes all of the features of each card, including the Consumer Credit Card.

 ConsumerProject LoanCommercial RevolvingCommercial Account
PaymentMinimum requiredFixed monthly paymentsFlexibleFlexible
PrepaymentNo penaltyNo penaltyNo penaltyNo penalty
UserAuthorizedSingle OR Co-ApplicantAuthorizedAuthorized
Pay MethodMail, Phone, OR OnlineMail, Phone, OR OnlineMail OR OnlineMail OR Online
Itemized StatementsWith Sign-Up*With Sign-Up*YesYes
Easy Purchase TrackingWith Sign-Up*With Sign-Up*YesYes
Online Account ManagementWith Sign-Up*With Sign-Up*YesYes
Pro Xtra® MembershipWith Sign-Up*With Sign-Up*AutomaticAutomatic
Fuel DiscountNoNoYesYes
Terms of PaymentInterestInterest60 Days with No Interest60 Days with No Interest
Credit LineYesYesYesYes
Annual FeesNoNoNoNo
APRBased on Credit ScoreFixedBased on Credit ScoreBased on Credit Score

Note: * As of March 2018