Businesses can now acquire Home Depot® commercial credit cards in order to manage cash flow and track purchases made by employees. The two kinds of commercial credit cards, Revolving Charge Card and Commercial Account Card, seem very similar at a glance. However, there are a few differences between the two that can easily determine what is best for you and your business:

Streamline your expenses

The Revolving Charge Card allows you to make a choice; you can make small monthly payments, or you can opt to just pay in full each month. With the Commercial Account card, the payments are due in full. Though, you have the option to pay by invoice to improve your cash flow.

Control and track employee spending 24/7

With the Revolving Charge Card, each employee can have his or her own card to make purchases on your account so you can track the details and reduce the potential for somebody to fraudulently access your account. On the other hand, the Commercial Account card allows you to put a cap on employee spending so that you can set limits on how much each employee can purchase.

Choose who is authorized to use your card

While the Revolving Charge Card lets you issue cards to each of your employees, you can select who is authorized to use your account with the Commercial Account card. Whenever your employees make a purchase with your Commercial Account, you receive detailed information about the transaction.

Get real-time data instantly

When you apply for either the Revolving Charge Card or the Commercial Account Card, you automatically receive a Pro Xtra® membership. This is Home Depot®’s loyalty program for businesses that regularly shop at its locations. With it, you can view receipts from up to two years ago and get all of the important details, including job, quantity, cost per unit, departments and sub-departments, and which employee spends money with which card–and that is just one of the many useful features a loyalty account offers!

For a simpler understanding of the features offered with each Home Depot® credit card, including the Project Loan Card and the Consumer Credit Card, check out the table below:

 ConsumerProject LoanCommercial RevolvingCommercial Account
PaymentMinimum requiredFixed monthly paymentsFlexibleFlexible
PrepaymentNo penaltyNo penaltyNo penaltyNo penalty
UserAuthorizedSingle OR Co-ApplicantAuthorizedAuthorized
Pay MethodMail, Phone, OR OnlineMail, Phone, OR OnlineMail OR OnlineMail OR Online
Itemized StatementsWith Sign-Up*With Sign-Up*YesYes
Easy Purchase TrackingWith Sign-Up*With Sign-Up*YesYes
Online Account ManagementWith Sign-Up*With Sign-Up*YesYes
Pro Xtra® MembershipWith Sign-Up*With Sign-Up*AutomaticAutomatic
Fuel DiscountNoNoYesYes
Terms of PaymentInterestInterest60 Days with No Interest60 Days with No Interest
Credit LineYesYesYesYes
Annual FeesNoNoNoNo
APRBased on Credit ScoreFixedBased on Credit ScoreBased on Credit Score

Note: * As of March 2018

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