In my opinion, one of the most useful organization tools on Pro Xtra® is the “Credit Cards & Accounts” tab. With this tool, you can organize the multiple credit and debit cards linked to your Pro Xtra account; you can even enter a nickname for each card to be able to search for and find a specific account easily!

Not only can you keep track of your credit and debit cards, but you can link other accounts to your Pro Xtra account and organize those, too.

After calling Pro Xtra user service, I learned the main difference between Pro Xtra Reloadable Cards and traditional gift cards. While you can still reload gift cards, you can load Pro Xtra Reloadable Cards with more money, and you can share them among members of your company.

You can also keep track of all phone numbers and THD key tags (which are essentially the basic accounts associated with The Home Depot®) linked to your Pro Xtra account. When purchasing items in-store, you can simply enter the phone number linked to your account instead of having to use any type of card. Additionally, you can manage the checking accounts connected to your Pro Xtra account. To make organizing and searching through your accounts simpler (and to save much time), you can nickname all cards, numbers, and accounts linked to your Pro Xtra account, and search them by those nicknames.