When you shop at The Home Depot®, it is convenient to use prepaid cards, whether it be a reloadable purchase card or a gift card. Using these cards can be extremely beneficial if you have a team of employees; when you delegate cards to everybody in the group, you can send anybody to make purchases for you at The Home Depot.

Because you can load a set balance onto the card, you can set spending limits for your employees, and you can track their purchases when you link them to your Pro Xtra® account (Learn how to link your reloadable card or your gift card to your Pro Xtra account). However, sometimes you can lose track of how much you spend on each card, so being able to check your balance is very useful.

There are multiple ways to check your reloadable card or gift card balance, so you can select the best method for you:

  • ONLINE: Check your balance online using Home Depot’s site.
  • OVER THE PHONE: Call Home Depot’s gift card support at 1-877-423-3005
  • REGISTER OR SERVICE DESK: Just ask the cashier or service associate to check your balance. They will scan your card and tell you how much store credit you have remaining!
  • SELF-CHECKOUT: When you are at the self-checkout, select the “Price Check” option and scan your card. If it is a gift card, it will ask you for the pin number on the back. It should then tell you the remaining balance on your card.
  • RESEARCH RECEIPTS: If your barcode is no longer legible, but you have receipts for all past transactions using the gift card, the right person at Home Depot can examine them and determine the remaining balance.

In this case, Home Depot will usually replace the store credit or give you a one-time discount if the remaining balance is less than $50 or visible on your card.

Checking your card balance is usually pretty simple! Just implement one of the above methods and you should be able to see your gift card balance in no time.

If you discover that your balance is lower than you like, you can reload your card by visiting this link, contacting Home Depot’s gift card support team at 1-877-423-3005, or calling Cash Star at 1-866-903-9161 (They handle gift cards and Pro reloadable cards).

Using reloadable cards is extremely beneficial, especially because you can control employee spending and track the purchases made by your employees. How? When you sign up for Home Depot Pro Xtra, you can link all of your cards–credit, debit, reloadable, and gift cards–and track your company’s purchases.

Unfortunately, uploading your purchases is only so helpful. That is why you need to use Pro Xtra in conjunction with an accounting software like Intuit QuickBooks®. In QuickBooks, you can get accurate reports and manage your accounting processes with ease.

When you use Pro Xtra and QuickBooks together, it may become tiresome and time-consuming to type away at the keyboard as you manually enter your information digit by digit. With the Intuit-approved HammerZen app, the time you spend putting data into your computer is cut down significantly. Instead of hours, it only takes minutes to import your Home Depot purchases into QuickBooks!