All businesses aim for a common goal: profits. In fact, most, if not all, companies began because of profits alone. We have that common goal to earn and enjoy earning. In the construction industry, it is irrefutable that even though technology has become significantly mainstream and almost necessary, there are still those companies that constantly struggle to keep up with the times. Does this sound like a problem your business might have? If you think to yourself, “Yes,” do not worry; there is no shame in that. Not everybody is an expert in technology, and nobody expects you to be such. To help you get started on your endeavor as a company that assumes modern tech into its everyday routine, HammerZen is here! Here are five ways your construction company will go above and beyond by using HammerZen:

Incorporate QuickBooks with other services. With HammerZen, you can integrate QuickBooks with other tools or services like Home Depot®’s Pro Xtra® loyalty program. Considering that using QuickBooks to handle your accounting is a crucial factor in your everyday workflow, we are here to make it an easy-peasy thing for you by allowing you to connect purchase receipts to your QuickBooks file without any hassle.

Sync your purchases to analyze your expenses. HammerZen’s Intuit-approved app makes uploading your purchases to QuickBooks much easier; that way you can analyze your expenses and job profitability much more quickly and efficiently. HammerZen app works with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Accountant and QuickBooks Online versions.

Track your inventory. When you utilize HammerZen; QuickBooks’s Item Profitability feature, you become much more confident in your estimations. With simplicity you can track the money you earn and the money you spend on any previous purchase of materials. On top of that, you can create detailed reports based on the accurate purchase data. Having the ability to track from where your money comes and where it goes is a sure-fire way to generate booming profits.

Automate your processes. Nothing is more fulfilling than knowing that your business is in good hands. HammerZen’s capabilities of automating your data entry process ensure that you and your business are in good hands indeed. The app’s Easy Mapping feature allows you to automate the arduous task of importing credit card expenses and the like. You can also track from which store you made material purchases.

Get a better grasp of your business. QuickBooks can be quite overwhelming at a glance; there is loads of information that makes you feel like you are drowning in it–but it is still information you need. HammerZen’s tools are prepared to make your search faster and more convenient. The abilities to track your account activity and monitor the performance of your jobs help you to paint a picture of your company including all of the nitty-gritty details.

HammerZen’s unique capabilities and features combine to make an application that will boost your profits and simplify your workflow. If you are looking for a tool that can help your business be as successful as possible, HammerZen is the way to go.