About every business that has shopped at The Home Depot has run into the same problem. As you do your bookkeeping, you check to make sure you have all of the right information–but you don’t.

Sales tax rates are not listed on The Home Depot’s receipts, so you have to find it yourself. Easy as pie! It would be, at least, if you knew the location of all the stores scattered through your software. HammerZen’s data only lists the store numbers, and you cannot really find the local sales tax by typing “local sales tax for Home Depot store 1234” into Google.

Thus you are faced with two dilemmas: finding the store location and, based on that location, determining the local sales tax.

Why is it so important to find the sales tax rate? Well, when you input the rate into HammerZen, the app applies it individually to every SKU item. When you do this, you can calculate the exact costs of every item and use those prices to perform job costing more accurately than ever before. Without calculating the appropriate costs, you could actually lose money–so knowing what you get yourself into helps you save money and boost your profits in the long run.

So now that you know why, you are probably wondering how.

Technically, you could search through your hundreds of receipts and then pull out your calculator to work out the rate of sales tax. Alternatively, you could do it more efficiently by following a few simple steps (I recommend the latter).

You first need to locate the Home Depot store number in your summary or detail. For this example, I will use store #1250.

Follow this link to go to Home Depot’s store locator and type the store number into the search box.

Search by Home Depot store number

Hit that search button and wait for the results to come up! If you have the right number, your store should be the first one to pop up.

Home Depot store number address

The address of the store is right there! Now you will need to take the store’s location and find the local sales tax.

We compiled a list of links for every state and their local sales tax for every city or region. Click your state, find the name of your town in the link, and the rate you are looking for should be listed! Once you obtain the correct rate, you can input the information into HammerZen and start bookkeeping more effectively.

Visit your state’s website.

*For some links, you will have to enter a valid zip code to find the sale tax of your county or city.

**The following states have no imposed state or local sales tax:

  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • New Mexico
  • Oregon

***Sales tax information for some states was unavailable; I hyperlinked the state names to the government websites for your convenience.

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