HammerZen has partnered with Coaxis, a hosting service that offers numerous features that might be just what you are looking for.

Selecting the best hosting software for your HammerZen and QuickBooks routine is no joke. We have had quite a few clients seeking advice on which hosting company is the best for them. Some hosting companies provide features that others do not, or some might have features you do not want; it becomes overwhelming to sift through your options and weigh each perk. Oftentimes it is easy to eventually throw your hands up in frustration and choose the next software that comes your way–but you can kiss that goodbye.

Christophe Réglat, the current president and CEO of Coaxis, founded Coaxis in 2002. Based in Tallahassee, Florida, their IT team is not overseas nor outsourced. With more than 15 years of experience working with CPAs, financial institutions, bookkeepers and independent businesses, Coaxis’ certified network support technicians oversee and remain attuned to your network administration and software update needs.


As a Tier 4 data center (a.k.a. the highest rating by the Uptime Institute), Coaxis maintains a 99.99999% Service Level Guarantee. Its private, single-tenant data center is built, operated and maintained to the highest level Tier 4 data center standards, meaning it has no single points of failure, allowing for continued operations despite the occurrence of any unplanned activity. The hosting service offers a number of beneficial features, including:

  • Secure hosting for sensitive data
  • Adherence to regulatory compliance for financial, healthcare, and criminal justice professions
  • Customized hosting of industry-specific software
  • Industry-leading equipment and architecture in our data center
  • Multiple data-backups
  • Full redundancy from power, HVAC, equipment, and manpower
  • Disaster recovery
  • Authorized by Intuit

On top of these features, Coaxis provides a dedicated server as well as a shared environment. The type of environment each client uses is dependent upon the needs of that client–meaning that you can select whichever type best suits you and your business.


Now that you know about the features of this hosting service, you probably want to know the benefits of them. Coaxis’ server provides a number of advantages for its users, some of which are unique to Coaxis:

High Availability: Hosting QuickBooks with Coaxis enables our clients to be mobile by providing the ability for them to access files from anywhere, at any time.
Accessible Support: Coaxis has an Internal IT Support Team (not outsourced and not overseas), available for both call-in support and/or email. On call support is available for after hours.

Reduces IT Costs: Coaxis reduces client IT costs by assuming responsibility for all infrastructure, help desk support, software maintenance, data backups, redundancy.
Allows for Collaboration: Provides a more collaborative solution that enables Accounting professionals to work together more seamlessly. They are able to share data with their client even when the client may be accessing or working within the system.

Reduces Complexity of Compliancy: Coaxis reduces the complexities of compliancy by offering a secure and compliant hosting alternative to other commodity Hosting providers. To support our client’s in the Financial sector, Coaxis’ compliance includes Gramm Leach Bliley Act (GLBA) while we also maintain regulatory compliance for the financial industry with a SOC 2 Unqualified Audit Opinion.

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