HammerZen has partnered with Supreme Servers to host our app and your QuickBooks in the cloud. Picking the right hosting service can be quite the process when you do not know for what you should be looking. There could be different features you want and other features you do not want, so you have to search and search until you find a service for which you just settle. However, there is no need to settle. Supreme Servers, one of HammerZen’s hosting partners, offers a variety of features that could be just right for you:

1. What Supreme Servers Stands For

Supreme Servers, a sister company of CWCS Managed Hosting, is a fast-growing company. They are passionate about hosting and providing the very best customer service to their customers, ensuring that their clients receive the very best out of their solution with a personal experience.

2. The Various Hosting Features

Supreme Servers provides services for a variety of requirements. Whether you need to host a website, have your QuickBooks available on the cloud, or other custom requests, they can build an environment for you.

3. Hosting Environment

All of their virtualized systems are a dedicated environment – meaning all resources on their virtual servers are not shared with any other customers.

4. Their Distinct Qualities

They custom-build an environment for you. With their QuickBooks service, they easily get an idea of your requirements and build a server founded upon those. That way, you can save money by only spending it on what you need and nothing extra. Supreme Servers also has a highly skilled support team that takes pride in providing the best customer service and support experience possible.

5. How They Help

By having QuickBooks hosted with Supreme Servers, you can access your company file (and other files) anywhere at any time, given you have a connection to the internet. The process is especially smooth if you are familiar with a Windows platform. You are also able to install other software on the platform (Office 365, Associated Tax Software, etc.) so that you can have everything working just the want you want.

6. Quality Customer Care

If you need to access support for any issues or inquiries, you can contact Supreme Servers via their ticket system or by their LiveChat. They have policies in place, such as a thirty-minute reply time, to ensure a timely reply to all tickets submitted. If there are any high priority issues, you can call their customer service so that they can better assist you.

7. Authorized by Intuit

Supreme Servers is authorized by Intuit for hosting QuickBooks on the cloud. You can visit Supreme Servers website for more details.