Many business leaders in the construction industry manage money with QuickBooks to meet the operational and accounting sides of their companies to succeed. Choosing proper accounting software and apps are crucial to the success of any construction company. Large and small businesses regularly deal with multiple contractors, subcontractors, and employees, and they must implement proper management, procurement, payroll, and other such accounting activities.

Many software and application companies claim time and time again that they ease the flow of financial processes. You typically begin with inventory and purchase orders and ends with equipment and receipts; to ensure that this procedure is being organized, tracked, utilized, and restocked, you need reliable tools. The software and apps listed below are the leading tools for construction companies; these tools can be crucial when it comes to achieving success.


If you wish to use a well-tested, accurate, affordable solution to your accounting and management needs, Intuit’s QuickBooks is your choice of accounting software. This software offers a variety of reliable tools that can help you efficiently and effectively manage your bookkeeping tasks.

QuickBooks software has more or less been around since the early 1980’s. This program is best at handling outflows, cash inflows, and other needs, such as keeping track of estimates and tracking receivables, rent, vehicles, and vendors. Keep in mind that QuickBooks has also integrated with a large selection of applications that are also beneficial for construction accounting and property management. You can use QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, Accountant or Enterprise or QuickBooks Online Essential and Plus versions.


HammerZen is an innovative, smart solution to a common properly. What is HammerZen, though? It is an Intuit-approved app that seamlessly integrates Home Depot® Pro Xtra® with QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online. HammerZen enhances the ability to manage money with QuickBooks by automatically importing purchase receipts into QuickBooks in very little time, thereby eliminating manual data entry and reducing piles of receipts.

What else does it do? Well, HammerZen captures your essential data, organizes each SKU workflow rule, and maps jobs by department, category, materials, and class. You can record all of your purchases automatically, enter transactions by bill, check, or credit card, and keep track of refunds through all payment methods. With a simple click of a button, you can let the app do the job for you and save your precious time and money.


OMoney is another Intuit-approved app, but this one is designed specifically for property management companies. OMoney integrates with QuickBooks Desktop and streamlines the monthly closing accounting process.

This program has many beneficial uses: calculating and posting property management fees, calculating and importing each owner’s checks, transferring money to and from the reserve fund, and creating a summary with YTD and detail reports as PDF’s. OMoney users no longer need to use length excel sheets, manually develop checks, record management fees, or customize reports—OMoney does all of this for you!


TSheets integrates with QuickBooks and gives its users the ability to quickly track time on any device to streamline payroll, send accurate invoices, and save money each year. This app provides time monitoring; employees can clock in and out of work with a simple click—and take breaks or add other necessary time sheet details very easily.

TSheets works on both Android and iOS systems, and since it is compatible with both, you and your employees can schedule, track and submit work hours; you can even approve different requests, build schedules, add or take away shifts, give overtime alerts, set limits, and calculate time off. TSheets provides you with valuable business insight by using interactive reports. Get started with few clicks.

QuickBooks Payments

QuickBooks Payments is a valuable tool that helps your construction company get paid twice as quickly. Users can accept credit card and free bank transfer payments, and they can track them all in one place.

Send immediate notifications, like payment reminders, and receive real-time alerts that notify you when your customers view your invoices and make their payments. QuickBooks Payments gives you the ability to access your funds quickly by automatically transferring customer payments to your bank account. We love the easy and integration. There is an option $0/ month option and NO CONTRACT. If interested, contact our payments rep, Marvin Safi. He can discuss your rates and get you signed up. Contact Marvin at 818.436.8372 or and be sure you tell him we sent you!

QuickBooks Payroll
Take advantage of QuickBooks Payroll and scratch payroll and taxes off of your to-do list. With this tool, you can pay your employees quickly and easily. Users can create paychecks in no time; QuickBooks Payroll automates the process of calculating payroll and taxes all while avoiding tax penalties. And, as if it could not get any better, QuickBooks Payroll can work with or without a subscription to the full QuickBooks Online software.

For those who are looking for job costing reports, you should use QuickBooks Enhanced or Assisted Payroll. If interested, contact payroll rep Dedric “DJ” Lynch . He can discuss your options and get you signed up. Contact DJ at 520.848.5679 or and be sure you tell him we sent you!

As a leader in the construction industry, you have many different tasks that probably keep you very busy—so you are likely always looking for ways to do your job more efficiently. If you use any of the applications mentioned above, your workflow is sure to run more smoothly. Using accounting software and apps is crucial to the success of a business nowadays, so take your pick and start running a better business!