So you don’t like crunching numbers? This contractor didn’t either! Read what he has to say.

“I’m a contractor, and I’m not good with numbers. Tracking expenses and receiving payments used to take so much time and effort, but then I found this great tool for the HammerZen, and it works wonders for me! It not only makes my purchase process simpler, but it also lets me manage my business’ accounting accurately and efficiently, which gives me more time to do what I love the most – build homes! I recommend it to every Home Depot® customer!”

If you are sitting there, scratching your head and wondering just how this happy contractor is able to do so much with his Home Depot® Commercial Card, you probably are not alone. It is time for you to know a little secret, though, so your work life can be less stressful, just like this contractor! The reason he can so easily manage his business’ accounting is that he discovered the helpful, easy-to-use HammerZen, an app that allows its users to import commercial credit charges into QuickBooks.

HammerZen makes using your credit and debit card even more beneficial!

Store credit cards are obviously useful for contractors and other small businesses like yours that use them to purchase materials. You also get the choice to make minimum, incremental payments each month, or you can opt to pay the balance in full. On top of all of that, the storet website enables you to download your account statements whenever necessary.

The Commercial Credit Card comes hand-in-hand with some superb benefits, benefits that can become even better if your store account and QuickBooks accounts are paired and streamlined.

Some of these benefits include:

  • No annual fee
  • Payments can be made monthly or in full
  • Itemized billing
  • Purchase tracking by order number, job name, or job number
  • Free employee cards available
  • Ability to view, manage, and pay with your accounts online
  • Bills paid online or in-store

What is the initial problem, though?
Well, does this sound familiar? You purchase materials, and your purchases upload into your member account. Then you download the report and try to import it into QuickBooks–but QuickBooks’ software does not support the file type. With a heavy sigh, you use up your precious time to manually enter each charge into QuickBooks by SKU, and then record the details for each purchase (descriptions, items, amounts, and related jobs). After all of that work, manual data entry still puts you at high risk for errors that could be detrimental to your business!

How can it be fixed?
A QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor and Intuit Developer has developed a solution, and that solution is called HammerZen! HammerZen is an app that is designed specifically to convert and import each of your purchased items directly into QuickBooks. With this new software, you will be able to manage and monitor all of your accounting activities with just a few simple clicks of the mouse! You will be amazed by how easy crunching numbers can actually be.

“But how can this app make everything so easy?” The answer is simple–because you do not really have to do any of it yourself. The app does all of the dirty work for you! Take a peek below at the amazing features of the app.

Eliminate errors in your reports
A single error in any of your records, such as overstating a purchase or payment amount, can trickle through the rest of your financial statements and wreak havoc on your company. When you manually enter information, you can easily mistype–and that mistake can have a colossal impact on your finances. By incorrectly reporting details regarding your most important jobs, you could risk losing clients.

However, because your purchases are updated automatically in QuickBooks with the help of HammerZen, all of your accounts will be error-free!

Spend less time on the small things
Before, you would download your account statements and manually enter each item and its price into QuickBooks. This task could drag on for several long, painstaking hours, hours you could have spent focusing on more important aspects of your business or just relaxing.

With HammerZen, that is exactly what you can do! The app automatically updates all of your important data in QuickBooks, saving you precious time and energy you could be devoting to something else.

Don’t waste time
Sorting through numbers is tough, and material and tools SKU’s are just more numbers that can confuse you, should you have to enter them manually or link them to a specific item, products, and accounts. When your data is imported directly into your QuickBooks account, though, all SKU’s and purchases are updated and aligned accurately.

View your data with ease
Suppose you have repaired a roof and entered the project into QuickBooks with the name “Red Roof Repair.” When you eventually need to find the job costing report to determine the expenses incurred and revenue generated, all you need to do is type the name “Red Roof Repair” in QuickBooks, and the information for which you are searching will immediately be at your fingertips.

Effortlessly check and verify your reports
QuickBooks generates for your accurate financial reports, such as balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements. To assess the health and current standing of your business, you can view and verify these reports by job or purchase item at any time.

Financial management made easy

If learning about the features above has not convinced you that HammerZen will make your workflow smoother and simpler, perhaps reading some reviews and consumer opinions will. Here are a few from the staggering number of reviews from small business owners whose lives have been made easier by HammerZen:

“I’m an engineer, but I still struggled with entering numbers and descriptions into QuickBooks for every project purchase from Home Depot. A friend recently recommended HammerZen, and I can’t thank him enough. The app does everything for me–literally! It updates the purchases and even enters checks and credit card charge for me. I can certainly say that it’s a lifesaver.” — Liam Cunningham

“Spending hours entering purchase details into QuickBooks was getting tiring. QuickBooks is great no doubt, but having to actually input my data by myself leads to so many errors I don’t always pick up on. HammerZen is an incredible app and I’m so happy that other accountants and Intuit developers came up with this great idea. I’m sure their customers will love them even more now, just like I do.” — Anthony Tennant

“I used to go to different stores to buy products for my projects, but now I usually just go to the Home Depot for everything I need. HammerZen has made shopping less stressful. I’ve always commended their great customer service and since I’ve started using HammerZen, I’m not going to anybody else! The HammerZen team has definitely won itself a loyal customer! — Jones Glamos

So make the most out of your store Commercial Credit Card and sign up for HammerZen today to enjoy the maximum benefits!

Note: You have to use QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, Enterprise installed on your computer or Online . This app will not work with QuickBooks Mac or Self Employed versions.