How to Get Copies of Your Home Depot Receipts

In the world of business, keeping records of your expenses is one of the most crucial elements to handling your finances. As someone who works in the construction industry or anything likewise, you are probably shopping at The Home Depot® again and again. Tracking your Home Depot purchases is almost always a necessity, but managing to keep organized [...]

How to Add Home Depot Reloadable Cards to Your Pro Xtra

Companies these days are always doing the most they can to increase the efficiency of their workflow at the same time save money. Using Home Depot® reloadable cards becomes cumbersome when you are unable to track receipts. When you work in an industry like construction and real estate industry, you are probably always making purchases from the Home [...]

9 Tips to Help You Grow Your Construction Business

Starting a construction business is not easy, but expanding your business presents even more of a challenge. Nothing is impossible, though, as long as you stay consistent in your persistence. Taking the correct steps towards success can and will create the potential to grow your construction business. There are many ways you can expand your construction business. Here are [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Construction Management

Construction Management (CM) is a professional skill required to prosper in the industry. You need to use specific techniques to successfully administer the design, planning, and construction of a project from its beginning to its end. Overall, the primary purpose of CM is to control a project’s time, cost, and quality to ensure you are earning a decent profit [...]

Which Home Depot Credit Card is Right for You?

The Home Depot does not sponsor or endorse this product and is not in any way affiliated with HammerZen, Inc. THE HOME DEPOT®, PRO XTRA®, and TEXT2CONFIRM® are a registered trademarks of Home Depot Product Authority, LLC. When you need to begin a large project but are reluctant to immediately dump your wallet to fund it, a credit [...]

3 Top Tips from Successful Contractors to Grow Your Construction Business

Most contractors in the construction business work hard, but they seem to rarely take into consideration what truly matters and how to make their companies grow. It is common to start the process by asking, "What should I do first to increase my profits by a more substantial margin?" Sometimes it may better to focus on more significant [...]

The 4 C’s of Construction

In the ever-evolving and constantly growing construction business, contractors need to continuously reevaluate their strategies and decisions to keep up with the industry. Persistent improvement and innovation in how you run your business will lead to higher rates of success. Even though you may find one method that works for your, constant adjustments and modifications can create higher margins [...]

Reasons for the Skilled Labor Shortage in the Construction Industry

One of the most important parts of running a successful business is hiring the right people. However, that task becomes increasingly difficult as the unemployment rate decreases and fewer people are looking for jobs. What should you do when you cannot find the right employees to hire for your construction business? Learn about the causes of the skilled labor [...]

Tips for Managing and Hiring Millennials in the Construction Business

If you want your construction business to grow, it is vital to understand the significance of a new generation that is actively overtaking baby boomers in a large portion of the workforce. Youth have been brought up in a much different era than baby boomers. Baby boomers lived in the construction industry era, while millennials have been born into [...]

6 Successful Business Strategies for Construction Company Managers

No matter what field you choose to focus on, multiple issues constantly inhibit any business’ pathway to success. Every construction company manager or owner knows what he or she wants—and that is to earn more money, boost his or her business, be in control of the process without having to be involved in every part, and to maintain a [...]

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