Home Depot’s® Pro Xtra® Loyalty Program is already full of convenient features, and the Home Depot has added yet another one: Text2Confirm®.

What exactly is Text2Confirm, you might ask?

Well, let’s say that a construction team is working a job when suddenly they realize that they need more materials. One of the team members or another employee goes to the Home Depot and picks up the supplies. Once he makes it to the checkout, he does not give the cashier any money; instead he provides a phone number. The owner of that number gets a text message so that he can authorize the purchase, and once he does, the payment automatically goes through to the checking or credit card account linked with his number. Once the purchase is made, the team’s Home Depot Pro Xtra account automatically updates with the new data.

Purchasing materials can be that easy when you sign up for Home Depot Pro text authorization program.

After you login to your account, click on Credit Cards & Accounts menu on the left side. The page will probably look something like the screenshot below. All of your cards are neatly organized in one place. However, changing just one item on this page can make your workflow much smoother.

Select one of your cards (preferably your main account) and click on Sign Up for Text2Confirm or Actions button to opt in for Text2Confirm. You will quickly notice the effect it will have on your business.

Add Opt in to Home Depot purchase by text

When you decide to start using text authorization and click the button, this window should pop up. You need to enter the phone number you wish to associate with purchases and transaction authorization. Then simply choose to agree to the terms.

home depot add a phone number for Text2Confirm quickbooks 2

Once you agree to the terms, Home Depot Pro Xtra will prompt you to select which card you wish to use for Text2Confirm. As aforementioned, you should pick the account that you most often use for job material purchases.

home depot opt in for Text2Confirm to confirm quickbooks

All you need to do when you decide which card to use is check one of the circles on the next pop-up screen and then click Done. Give it a day or so for confirmation.

home depot opt in for text to confirm quickbooks primary card

The process is already complete! Simple, right? Pending Opt-in message will appear till the number is confirmed and approved. You have the option to change the mobile phone number or unsubscribe from Text2Confirm by clicking on Modify Text2Confirm.

Employee purchases by text at Home Depot Pro

Now that you have a card set up with text confirmation, you can have any of your team members go to Home Depot and purchase items for you. When they go to make a purchase, you of course receive a text. The text contains a link which takes you to a page with the details of what your employee is trying to buy; that way you will know all of the information regarding the purchase. Through that link you may also change payment methods between the ones associated with your Pro Xtra account. Once you check out the details, all you need to do is give authorization via a quick text! If you haven’t already, go opt in for Text2Confirm now and increase your business’ efficiency and profits!