In the modern era, life revolves around technology. To be more specific, most businesses rely on technology in order to maximize efficiency. Everybody is in such a hurry to get everything done on time that businesses jump at the chance to go paperless. Most companies have started automating a lot of processes, especially when it comes to accounting and back office management.

There is one simple reason for this: office managers and bookkeepers can be much more productive when they use different apps in conjunction with their accounting software. For example, QuickBooks is a very popular, easy-to-use accounting software, but sometimes syncing your statements and importing your data can be tricky. Uploading receipts right after purchasing materials can turn into a drawn-out process when there is a simple solution.

An app like HammerZen seamlessly integrates Home Depot® Pro Xtra® and QuickBooks to make the data entry process less painful and more profitable. A lot of people don’t know this, though, and they go about throwing away hours of their time working on tasks that can be completed in minutes.

A classic example is one of our clients, Harrison. Harrison is a contractor and an owner of a small business. He only has a small team of employees, so he has to wear a lot of hats and take on a lot of work from different areas of his business. As time passed, he found that it was becoming difficult to manage his back-office processes on top of everything else he had to do, even with his recording materials purchased and QuickBooks accounts. His company’s largest direct expense was from the Home Depot®, but even purchasing materials mostly from one supplier did not give him what he needed. He wanted to assess his business’ health profitability in order to advance both, but he had run into a problem: every time he made estimates, they were not accurate. The bookkeeping he performed ended up useless because rather than generating profits, it just created more problems.

Harrison’s concern for his company grew with inaccurate reports reviewed and minute spent on data entry into QuickBooks. He decided that he wanted to automate some of his accounting processes in order to make the best use of his employees’ time and have more time to provide high-quality customer service for his clients. Harrison also wanted a way to calculate and create accurate job costing reports with little effort and no room for mistakes.

Now determined to increase his company’s efficiency, Harrison started searching online for a solution to his dilemma. It was not too long before he found us, HammerZen, and reached out to our team with his worries, wondering if we could help.

First, he told us he often lost his receipts, and when he managed to keep track of them, it still felt impossible to keep them organized. We said that was no problem; with his member benefit account, all of his receipts were automatically uploaded with every purchase. He also mentioned that he wanted to monitor his expenses and track his purchases easily; again, HammerZen can help with that in conjunction with all his expenses and QuickBooks.

“What’s the most important part of your goal?” We asked him.

Harrison paused, and then he said, “I want to make my business more efficient.”

He started with a free trial of HammerZen, and after the first thirty days, he immediately became a regular client of ours! He says,

“HammerZen saved my business. I spend way less time on accounting and data entry, so now I have more time and money that I can spend on important tasks! I also know what I’m doing now–my job estimates are always accurate and I make more profit off of every project than ever before!”

We had the solution for Harrison, and we have the solution for all of you out there who are like him! HammerZen is an Intuit-approved app that seamlessly integrates your account with your QuickBooks Desktop and Online. With HammerZen, you can save time (and money!) by avoiding the manual data entry process all together.

Everybody nowadays is trying to automate his or her business. Luckily for you, HammerZen is the perfect tool for that! HammerZen gets rid of tedious, painstaking processes, so you can allocate your time toward the more important tasks. This app is not just for contractors who need help with accounting, either! It can work for any construction or real estate business as well!