Host HammerZen and QuickBooks with Coaxis

HammerZen has partnered with Coaxis, a hosting service that offers numerous features that might be just what you are looking […]

2018-08-09T11:20:31-04:000 Comments

Step 6: Home Depot Partner Agreement Code

Becoming part of an association partnered with The Home Depot® has its perks. For many memberships, you can receive discounts, […]

2018-08-09T10:12:53-04:000 Comments

What Does the HammerZen App Do for You?

This is the era of automation. If a task can be done effectively by machine, it is more than likely […]

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9 Tips to Help You Grow Your Construction Business

Starting a construction business is not easy, but expanding your business presents even more of a challenge. Nothing is impossible, […]

2018-04-25T15:55:57-04:000 Comments

Everything You Need to Know About Construction Management

Construction Management (CM) is a professional skill required to prosper in the industry. You need to use specific techniques to […]

2018-09-27T09:07:48-04:000 Comments

3 Top Tips from Successful Contractors to Grow Your Construction Business

Most contractors in the construction business work hard, but they seem to rarely take into consideration what truly matters and […]

2019-08-30T14:41:55-04:000 Comments

The 4 C’s of Construction

In the ever-evolving and constantly growing construction business, contractors need to continuously reevaluate their strategies and decisions to […]

2018-04-20T06:04:49-04:000 Comments

Reasons for the Skilled Labor Shortage in the Construction Industry

One of the most important parts of running a successful business is hiring the right people. However, that […]

2018-05-03T17:56:18-04:000 Comments

Tips for Managing and Hiring Millennials in the Construction Business

If you want your construction business to grow, it is vital to understand the significance of a new […]

2018-05-04T15:09:07-04:000 Comments

6 Successful Business Strategies for Construction Company Managers

No matter what field you choose to focus on, multiple issues constantly inhibit any business’ pathway to success. Every construction […]

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