Selecting a hosting company that works for your business is one of the most important decisions you can make. Unfortunately, the search for the perfect service becomes so overwhelming that you succumb to the pressure and just choose the next one that crosses your path. You could never find the perfect blend of features and benefits for your company, so you just settle–and you should not. As a partner of HammerZen, Insynq hosts both QuickBooks and HammerZen software:

We are pleased to announce that HammerZen and iNSYNQ have come together to streamline your HammerZen software to any device, any location, at any time. With iNSYNQ’s private virtual desktops, you and your employees can securely access and work on your company data when, where and how you want.


iNSYNQ is an institutionally-owned cloud application hosting specialist with over 20 years of experience. Specializing in delivering proven, secure, and efficient solutions to organizations with limited technological resources, this hosting service supports the most extensive application library on the market. In addition to this, iNSYNQ has built a sizable market share with financial advisors, professional services, and SMBs.

iNSYNQ empowers business owners and their employees to spend more time doing what they do – even better.  When you discuss with them which applications you use, their team of experienced engineers customizes a virtual desktop solution built just for you.


iNSYNQ handles the technology, so you can focus on what you’re really good at – delivering value to your customers. Deploying a hosted virtual desktop solution across your organization couldn’t be simpler! iNSYNQ’s experienced support team works hard to make the setup painless and customized to fit your needs.

With its numerous capabilities and helpful components, iNSYNQ is a hosting service you can trust to seamlessly manage the background work for you.

  • Dedicated Windows 2012 R2 server resources
  • Private Windows virtual desktop
  • QuickBooks and MS Office 2016
  • Adobe Reader and Google Chrome
  • 10GB of SSD storage
  • 24/7 U.S.-based tech support
  • Automatic daily backups and disaster recovery
  • 24/7 enterprise-level data security monitoring
  • Remote access from any device, any location
  • Fixed rate subscriptions with technical support


iNSYNQ’s hosted solution takes that expensive and unpredictable on-premise server into the cloud and secures your data. The service offers customized Desktop as a Service (DaaS) support that allows businesses to work without any restrictions; you and your company will have the liberty to work the way you want. You can feel comfortable and confident knowing that iNSYNQ and their support team have your back and that they provide an array of benefits unlike any other hosting service.

  • Access from anywhere: Being able to access your data in the cloud allows for a more flexible and pleasurable workflow. Whenever necessary, clients and employees can have access to QuickBooks and other software on any device from any location.
  • Multi-user mode: Collaborative work makes for a more cooperative, tightly knit team. Cloud hosting enables your employees to work simultaneously while staying connected and updated on each other’s progress from remote locations.
  • Automatic updates and upgrades: There is nothing better than knowing that the nitty-gritty work is being handled all on its own. iNSYNQ will manage all the installations, updates, and upgrades for all of your software.
  • QuickBooks add-ons: No need to worry about syncing all of your add-on apps with your QuickBooks information. Third-party connectors deliver extra functionality to QuickBooks by syncing all of your SaaS apps to your data.
  • Better security:  Stay confident knowing iNSYNQ’s Virtual Desktop solutions come with full data security, including enterprise-grade anti-virus and automated backups, multi-factor authentication, firewalls, and encryptions.
  • Support services: Relax knowing that iNSYNQ provides a support team always ready to help. Hosting QuickBooks and other software with iNSYNQ comes with U.S.-based tech support available 24×7.
  • Lower expenses: iNSYNQ offers a way to lower your total cost of ownership by cloud hosting your IT operations. As you add new employees or applications, the server resources can be added on the fly to meet the support requirements of your company.


iNSYNQ has been hosting in the cloud for over 20 years with a team that specializes in custom solutions. Their dedicated server platform allows for faster performance, better customization, and increased security than its competitors. With their library of more than 500 applications approved for hosting, they host apps that most competitors cannot. iNSYNQ provides white-glove service to their members and acts as your cloud advisors.

With other providers, it is not uncommon to experience:

  • Constant lagging or slow processing speed
  • Inconvenient and unexpected disconnections
  • Random setting changes
  • Printing issues
  • Lack of server customization
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Screen resolution troubles

iNSYNQ ensures that none of these setbacks can slow down your business.


As a 24/7 U.S.-based shop, you can call anytime on Monday through Friday, 24 hours a day to speak to a live tech. On weekends and holidays, you should leave a voicemail, and a technician will call you back in 30 minutes or less. If talking on the phone is not your cup of tea, there are multiple methods for reaching out to iNSYNQ’s support team.

iNSYNQ is an Intuit authorized hosting provider.


You can host HammerZen with iNSYNQ today!