HammerZen is an Intuit-approved app that helps The Home Depot® customers import transaction data and lists into QuickBooks with just a few clicks.

There are many tools out there that can help you automate the process of importing expenses and your receipts. But only on app that will integrate with your purchases in QuickBooks, which is your accounting, bookkeeping, and overall financial management software. The reason there are so many import tools available is that different software is suitable for different businesses.

Everybody understands the importance and power of using Excel for his or her business, automating the data import process to maximize profits, and overall effectively saving time when creating reports. As we begin comparing different tools you could use, it is crucial that you know what you need the software to do for you–not what you need to do for software.

Let’s Talk Features

While the cost of ownership is significant, knowing what you are getting yourself into is just as significant. To you, what makes defines the worth of a product? Is it the features it offers? Or could it be giving you full accountability? Import tools offer plenty of helpful features while giving you full management of your financials, but some of these apps are better than others.

Import automation tools have plenty of helpful features to suit their users’ needs. There are even some features people don’t know about or don’t know what to do with. For now, though, we’re just going to talk about features that really matter. As we compare HammerZen and other integration software, you will learn that HammerZen offers the direct functionality that other apps do not–but we will talk about your other options later.

All in all, the overarching purpose of HammerZen is to easily import all your purchase statement into QuickBooks–and this app is the best on the market.

Artificially Intelligent Software

We all know how tiresome and grueling the data entry process is. You shop at The Home Depot, you have to remember to save the receipt, and then once you get back to your office, you have to enter all of your purchase data manually–typing out every single figure and digit.

HammerZen, though, is capable and intelligent enough to save the following rules automatically:

  • SKU numbers to items or products
  • Jobs to customers

Why not set your own rules? HammerZen lets you do that, and it remembers your mapping for the next time around. Each time you use HammerZen, you spend less and less time importing receipts and entering data.

Efficiency in Selection

HammerZen’s automation capabilities allow you to use a single concurrent selection and apply it to multiple lines with just a click of a button! Being able to so simply organize and categorize your data also makes the information easier to track.

Meanwhile, in other software, you have to select each row and change each item manually. The time you spend on that task is time you could have allocated to complete more work and finish the overall job ahead of schedule, close more jobs, or provide more duties for your bookkeeper.

A Click of a Button

You can say goodbye to snapping, scanning, or emailing receipts. You no longer have to review the receipt while importing, mapping, or entering important information into QuickBooks. Instead, you can see exactly what you purchase on the screen and make the magic happen in a matter of seconds.

With other software, you have to click manually on each receipt and view the details before you enter it–and then you have to type it into spreadsheets! You have to do that for each receipt and the materials listed on the receipt. Why do that when you have the opportunity to do it with the click of a button?

Minimize Your Time Spent

Every time you use HammerZen, it takes a shorter amount of time to enter your data because the software is intelligent enough to save your information. With other software, you spend a ton of time double-checking and updating new data in QuickBooks.

Sign up with a free trial for HammerZen. Set your information once and don’t worry about it again.

Maintaining Your Profits

Importing your data in great detail with each of your purchased materials and projects makes it much easier to view your profitability reports in QuickBooks. This software is your best option; it will give you a better way to visualize and analyze your data for job profitability, item profitability, Profit and Loss by Class, and Profit and Loss by Job.

Approved by Intuit

HammerZen is approved by Intuit to use with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online versions to import QuickBooks checks and credit card. Intuit has a rigorous vetting process for integration and security, but HammerZen has unique capabilities and features that help you work with your The Home Depot purchase statements including credit and returns.


HammerZen integrates seamlessly with many different versions of QuickBooks to make importing QuickBooks simple for your business. The compatible versions of QuickBooks are:

You want your software to work smartly for you, rather than you having to work to make it perform the way you want. We at HammerZen have made the software work perfectly for the loyalty members.

Fair Pricing

One of the greatest benefits of HammerZen is the pricing! There are no setups fees or hidden charges. The team also offers free help with and training for using the app if you should need it!

Quality Customer Support

HammerZen offers an unlimited amount of support via phone, email, and chat. Meanwhile, other companies usually only offer help through chats, or they reply to questions only at night.


Overall, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is right for your business?
  • Do you need the all-in-one app?
  • Do you need just a powerful import automation tool?
  • How many receipts do you typically have?
  • How much time do you spend entering the receipts into QuickBooks?
  • More than two hours a month?
  • Do you need to calculate material profitability?
  • Do you need to review Job profitability?
  • Is your job costing reports accurate?
  • Do you wish to see your profits increase?

The truth is that there is no single solution, but HammerZen can steer you in the right direction!

We at HammerZen help businesses eliminate data entry, and in turn that reduces their costs, increases their job profitability, and boosts their profits.

Looking for integrations with other stores, we are here to help you be efficient.