All You Need to Know About The Home Depot Departments and SKU

Half of the battle in managing your customers and properties is knowing where you spend money, under which category the […]

2019-10-15T12:00:30-04:000 Comments

The Home Depot Commercial Credit Card

So you don’t like crunching numbers? This contractor didn’t either! Read what he has to say.

“I’m a contractor, and I’m not […]

2019-10-15T11:30:14-04:000 Comments

6 Business Hacks Contractors Should Know

Now and then, everybody needs a little business hack to make things easier—and I think we can all agree that […]

2019-09-27T11:54:37-04:003 Comments

Welcome to the HammerZen Blog

Welcome to the HammerZen blog! This blog aims to help our users achieve their goals by running a more successful […]

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