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QuickBooks company template file is compatible with QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier and Enterprise current versions & prior two year versions.

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Discover How to Quickly & Easily Manage Commercial Property Using QuickBooks!

Real estate investors for commercial property often find themselves spending too much time on commercial real estate accounting and business management tasks and not enough on getting the next deals done. However, there is a solution for this common problem –

Commercial Property Management for Landlords: QuickBooks Desktop.

This comprehensive QuickBooks guide shows you step by step how to painlessly set up your own QuickBooks Commercial Property Management Bookkeeping System and what’s even better you don’t need any accounting experience, you don’t need to buy any expensive software and you won’t have to pay any outrageous fees to a consultant to do it!

The Commercial Property Management Guide is Packed with All the Tips, Tricks, and Techniques You Need to Know

Course learning objectives:

  • Learn to customize reports and calculate rent escalations
  • Learn to produce a lease summary that shows all the facets of your tenant leases, so you can easily put them into a report or Excel spreadsheet
  • Learn to do calculations you can’t usually do in QuickBooks by simply exporting them to Excel
  • Learn to avoid lease audit
  • Learn to determine recovery expenses
  • Learn how to categorize and calculate CAM vs. Non-CAM expenses
  • Learn to record expenses vs property improvements
  • Instantly know when to schedule your commercial property rent increases
  • Track different types of leases, including single net, NN, NNN, percentage lease, absolute triple net lease, gross lease, and others
  • And much more on how to manage commercial property using QuickBooks

The Clear How-to Commercial Property Management Guide Packed with Images

Every task is explained in detail, with screenshots and step by step instructions. Even if you jump directly into the section without reading the book straight through, you will understand all how-to steps.

Step-by-step instructions

financial and commercial property management memorize reportfinancial and commercial property management: Add new property owners

Over 100 screenshots that clearly explain each task

real estate investor quickbooks commercialcommercial property management quickbooks

It is Time to Take your Business to the Next Level of Success

Plenty of programs can help you manage commercial properties, but do nothing else. Some programs do everything but cost a fortune. The Guide to Financial and Commercial Property Management provides property accounting, financial and management system in one convenient package – at a fraction of the cost of the other programs.

You’ll learn a total system for commercial property management, accounting, and tax returns – a system that can transform your commercial rentals business into a profit powerhouse.

This book delivers the next-generation solution for managing your commercial rental properties.

With Commercial Property Management for Landlords: QuickBooks Desktop You’ll Receive:

  • Book: Step-by-step advanced instructions
  • Downloadable QuickBooks company template file for landlords of commercial properties
  • Video tutorials: watch, listen and learn
  • Access to a private Facebook group

Template QuickBooks file is compatible with QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier and Enterprise current version & prior two years (need a current version of QuickBooks? Call 866-645-3356).

Please, remember you must have QuickBooks® installed on your computer. Are you using Australia, Canada, UK, or other International QuickBooks version, or Online? Click here to read…

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